AI drug discovery 

Advanced machine learning methods generate de novo therapeutic proteins, unlocking new possibilities for more effective treatments.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is profoundly transforming the drug discovery field. A key facet of this evolution is machine learning-driven de novo protein design, a cutting-edge approach that uses computational models to create entirely new proteins from scratch. This approach empowers researchers to tailor precise protein functionalities and interactions with specific biological targets. In this webinar, Philip Kim will discuss machine learning methods for efficiently designing novel therapeutic proteins, antibodies, and peptides.

Topics to be covered

  • Developing machine learning models for de novo protein design
  • Predicting and validating new protein structures 

Tuesday, March 12th, 2024 | 1:30 PM Eastern Time
This webinar will be available to view live and on demand.


Philip Kim, PhD

Philip Kim, PhD

University of Toronto

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