A New Spin on an Old Cell Counting Method

An automated cell counter features a novel technology to replace slides and hemocytometers for cell counting.

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The DeNovix CellDrop machine with a digital screen displaying preloaded apps automates cell counting
DeNovix CellDrop™ cell counters replace glass and plastic slides with height adjustable sample chambers for precise cell population quantification.

Quantifying the number of cells in a population is an integral part of cell-based research. Scientists use cell counts to measure cell viability and monitor cellular responses to understand disease mechanisms, screen drug candidates, and determine optimal dose concentrations for biologics and cell-based therapies.

Traditional cell counting methods rely on manual counting, which introduces user bias and errors. Counting cells manually requires glass or plastic slides and hemocytometers, which can add to laboratory costs and decrease environmental sustainability. Slide free automated cell counters eliminate unnecessary waste and provide precise and reproducible cell counts to help scientists achieve experimental consistency and accurate results. 

CellDrop™ from DeNovix is an automated cell counter with a height adjustable sample chamber. Shallow chamber depths accommodate smaller sample volumes, ideal for counting abundant cell populations. Deeper chamber depths accommodate larger sample volumes, which is optimal for counting less abundant cell populations. The adjustable sample chamber replaces slides and hemocytometers, making CellDrop™ a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable alternative to existing cell counting tools. 

An intuitive software called CellDrop EasyApps™ comes preloaded into CellDrop™ cell counters, further simplifying the cell counting process. CellDrop EasyApps™ rapidly counts a variety of cell lines and executes customized cell counting protocols to obtain reproducible and reliable cell counts. Altogether, CellDrop™ cell counters offer biologists reliable, cost-effective, and automated solutions for all their cell counting needs.

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