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Discovery Studio
Discovery Studio provides the most advanced computational solutions for life science researchers available today.  From project conception to lead optimization, a diverse collection of sophisticated software applications will take your research to the next level.  Built on an open platform, Discovery Studio can be integrated with any software you need to deliver truly customized solutions
For more information, contact Accelrys www.accelrys.com, byronk@accelrys.com or call 858-799-5000
Visit us at DDT Booth #509
                                                                        Pharma Services for rare cell analysis
                                                                        in oncology clinical trials
Immunicon Corp.
 (CTCs) or circulating endothelial cells (CECs) analysis in the blood of metastatic cancer patients enrolled in clinical trials Phases I and II. The Pharma Services Group also offers protein biomarker assay development and FISH analysis with CTCs and CECs. Enrichment for downstream molecular analysis is also included in this portfolio.
For more information, contact Immunicon Corp. www.immunicon.com or call 877-822-0777 or 215-830-0777
Visit us at DDT Booth #541
IncuCyte application module
Essen Instruments
Essen Instruments is pleased to introduce a new application module for the IncuCyte Live Cell Imaging Platform.  The new Scratch Wound Application Software allows users to study migration associated with wound healing.  The scratch wound assay is easily performed in a custom ImageLock plate where real-time images are gathered.  Images are automatically analyzed for wound confluence and width, thus tracking the entire wound closing process.
For more information, contact Essen Instruments www.essen-instruments.com, erwin@essen-instruments.com or call 734-769-1600
Visit us at DDT Booth #444
Browser version 4.4
dotmatics Ltd.
Query, browse and visualize your chemical and biological data with unparalleled ease-of-use, performance and flexibility using the dotmatics browser. New features in version 4.4 include: curve fitting; user-extendable API for querying, hit-list management and view creation; new look and feel; shopping cart; calculated columns; keyboard shortcuts; form tooltips; external data sources; form layout helpers and more.
For more information, contact dotmatics Ltd. www.dotmatics.com, mailto:info@dotmatics.comor call +44(0)1279 654 123
Visit us at DDT Booth #310
Sample Safe
The REMP Sample Safe is a scalable, fully automated sample storage and retrieval system that minimizes freeze/thaw cycles, providing excellent sample quality over long periods of time. The ability to operate the unit as low as -80°C offers a wide range of biobanking applications in areas like pharmacogenomics, genotyping, basic research and many other life science-related storage needs.
For more information, contact REMP www.remp.com, info.usa@remp.com or call 508-429-2200 
Visit us at DDT Booth #643
MACCS (MatriCals Automated Cell Culture System)
The MACCS has been designed to automate the tedious steps involved in HT cell culture and provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for a variety of applications including the uniform supply of cells and proteins for drug discovery research efforts.  Multiple cell lines and products can be processed simultaneously enabling multiple research efforts to be supported in one system.
For more information, contact MatriCal www.matrical.com, sales@matrical.com or call 509-343-6225
Visit us at DDT Booth #839
PI 3-Kinase inhibitor
EMD Chemicals Inc.
Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K) is an attractive target for drug development, particularly in the areas of cancer and other proliferative diseases as well as in the treatment of inflammatory and immunological conditions. The PI3K signaling pathway plays a critical role in regulating cell growth, proliferation, survival, and motility; it is one of the most most frequently activated signaling pathways in human cancer.
For more information, contact EMD Chemicals www.emdbiosciences.com or call 800 854 3417 
Visit us at DDT Booth #1044
Cisbio US
The HTRF KinEASE TK assay is a universal tyrosine kinase assay peptide substrate and a Europium-labeled monoclonal antibody. A proprietary substrate stabilizing buffer enhances assay performance, enables use of lower enzyme concentrations.  HTRF KinEASE TK has been validated on 59 tyrosine kinases to-date including both receptor and cytoplasmic TKs.
For more information, contact Cisbio US www.htrf.com ccormier@cisusinc.com or call 781-687-1356
Visit us at DDT Booth #712
SpectraMax M5e
Molecular Devices, MDS Analytical Technologies
SpectraMax M5e multi-detection microplate reader is a monochromator-based reader developed in collaboration with Cisbio International and is certified to run HTRF assays. The SpectraMax M5e has primary applications for fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, absorbance, and luminescence assays.
For more information, contact Molecular Devices, www.moleculardevices.com/pages/instruments/spectramax_m5.html or call 408-747-1700
Visit us at DDT Booth #618
Acumen eX3 microplate cytometer
TTP Labtech
The triple-laser Acumen eX3 microplate cytometer combines the power of ultra-high-throughput and whole-well data collection with the ability to classify objects within objects or sub-cellular events. The Acumen eX3 offers rapid scanning and analysis over the entire well area using up to three spatially separated lasers generating statistically robust data from a truly representative cell population.
For more information, contact TTP Labtech, www.ttplabtech.com
Visit us at DDT Booth #433
Mosaic modular sample management software suite
Mosaic provides a highly efficient comprehensive software platform which covers all key functions such as ordering, inventory management and workflow optimization as well as integrating with corporate systems for results analysis and chemical registration. The highly modular architecture enables companies to "pick and mix" relevant software according to requirements.
For more information, contact Titian www.titian.co.uk
Visit us at DDT Booth #449
Ti-Tyr Phosphorylation Profiling Chips
Epitome Biosystems
Ti-Tyr Chips provide quantitative, site-specific, phosphorylation measurements across numerous targets using Epitome's EpiTag technology. Ti-Tyr Chips enable targeted, cell-based tyrosine phosphorylation profiling with a highly specific two-probe system covering 43 sites in 29 proteins with phased expansion to 200 sites.  Threonine (Thr-Put) and serine (Ser-Vey) phosphorylation chips are under development.
For more information, contact Epitome Biossystems www.epitomebiosystems.com, info@epitomebiosystems.com or call 781-891-3816
Visit us at DDT Booth #312
Synergy 4 with Hybrid Technology
BioTek Instruments
The new patent-pending Synergy 4 Multi-Detection Microplate Reader is the first multi-mode reader that combines filter-based and quadruple monochromator-based fluorescence detection technology to perform an unlimited number of microplate-based assays.  This combination provides for endless flexibility in current and future microplate-based assay choice. Synergy 4 also includes fluorescence intensity, luminescence, fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence, and UV-visible absorbance. 
For more information, contact BioTek Instruments www.biotek.com, customerCare@biotek.com or call 802-655-4040
Visit us at DDT Booth #411
I.C.E. (Instant Cell Experiments)
Analytical Biological Services (ABS) Inc.
With I.C.E. (Instant Cell Experiments) your cells are grown and frozen in microtiter plates by ABS and shipped ready-to-use (>90% viability) upon thawing. There is no more waiting for cells to grow or scheduling problems since your cells are ready when you are.
For more information, contact ABS Inc. www.absbio.com or call 302-654-4492
Visit us at DDT Booth #539
Drug Combination Studies
Caliper Life Sciences
Treating disease through the simultaneous use of a variety of drugs is becoming increasingly common for the treatment of bacterial infections, HIV, hypertension and cancer. Through its Discovery Alliances & Services division, Caliper offers studies to determine the efficacy of combination therapies in treating cancer. These studies can be performed in our anti-cancer cell proliferation panel or cellular cytokine/chemokine  release assays to help identify synergistic responses of your compounds.
For more information, contact Caliper Life Sciences www.novascreen.com/combination.html or call 410-712-4410 or 800-543-414
Visit us at DDT Booth #628
Molecular Devices, MDS Analytical Technologies
The FLIPRTETRA system delivers an entirely new screening platform to address real-time kinetic cell-based assays. This instrument broadens the FLIPR system's capabilities to include 1536 simultaneous liquid transfer, multi-wavelength kinetic reading, agile internal plate handling in addition to elevated instrument intelligence. Combined, these features enable users to save time and money while directing instrumentation towards preferred screening targets.
For more information, contact Molecular Devices www.moleculardevices.com/pages/instruments/screening_main.html or call 408-747-1700
Visit us at DDT Booth #618
AccuSampler Micro Automated Blood Sampling System
DiLab, Inc.
The New AccuSampler Micro is uniquely adapted for low-volume sampling over the range of 5 to 100 µL. The system eliminates the "borrowing" of blood from the animal, which can disrupt normal physiology and induce shock in a mouse. A PK study can be done in one animal whereas manual methods typically require three animals for one data point.
For more information, contact DiLab Inc. www.dilab.se or call 978-486-3633 x 201
Visit us at DDT Booth #909
Invitrogen Corp
Assay all three PPAR isoforms with Invitrogen's LanthaScreen competitive binding assays. This proven format reduces hands-on time and experimental variables typical to radioligand-binding assays, since no centrifugation, filtration or washing steps are needed. Assays are optimized for stability and robustness, ensuring successful screening projects.
For more information, contact Invitrogen www.invitrogen.com/nuclearreceptor or call 800-955-6288
Visit us at DDT Booth #844
Nunc LiveCell Array
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Nunc LiveCell Array is the first slide-based tool that enables multiplex, real-time cellular assays on thousands of individual living cells, either adherent or non-adherent. The technology utilizes tiny cell-sized "pico-wells", which can assign an individual address to each cell using industry-standard microscopes and imaging software. Real-time kinetic assays on suspension cells are now a reality.
For more information, contact Nunc www.nuncbrand.com/page.aspx?ID=11388
Visit us at DDT Booth #8
Molecular Devices, MDS Analytical Technologies
The Transfluor technology is a patented, universal GPCR drug discovery technology designed for screening potential drug candidates against all GPCR targets, whether they are known or orphan.  The Transfluor assay works regardless of the specific second messenger coupling to the GPCR. The technology is imaging-based and utilizes redistribution of a GFP-tagged protein (GFP) called "beta-arrestin" which monitors GPCR activation and internalization.
For more information, contact Molecular Devices www.moleculardevices.com/pages/reagents/transfluor.html or call 408-747-1700
Visit us at DDT Booth #618
BioBook simplifies the management of complex research data, enhancing the productivity of biologists by providing a compliant flexible environment that controls every stage of the study lifecycle. From organizing and designing experiments and capturing data, to generating and sharing reports, BioBook offers a complete, robust and easy-to-use data management solution geared to the specific needs of the research biologist.
For more information, contact IDBS www.idbs.com, info@idbs.com or call +44(0)1483-595000
Visit us at DDT Booth #730
Omega Series Microplate Readers
BMG Labtech Inc.
The new Omega series of four fully upgradeable multifunctional readers which offer high-resolution spectro-meter-based absorbance. The Omega microplate readers are the world's first multifunctional readers capable of capturing a full absorbance spectrum (220-850 nm) in 1 second per well, at a resolution of 1 nm.
For more information, contact BMG Labtech www.bmglabtech.com, usa@bmglabtech.com or call 919-806-1735 or 877-264-5227
Visit us at DDT Booth #429  
HuCAL Antibodies Technical Manual
AbD Serotec
This valuable 84-page publication describes the principles behind HuCAL recombinant antibodies, the basis of their exceptional specificity, and presents protocols, examples, and troubleshooting tips for their use in applications such as Western blotting, ELISA, IHC, IP and flow cytometry. This essential publication for all antibody users will be available from AbD Serotec (Booth 807) at DDT 2007.
For more information contact AbD Serotec www.ab-direct.com, jcrowe@ab-direct.com or call +49 89 899 27 158
Visit us at DDT Booth #807
SURFE2R Workstation
IonGate Biosciences
IonGate Biosciences launches the next generation of its unique biosensor technology SURFE2R (SURFace Electrogenic Event Reader). Characterized by a distinctive higher throughput, the newly introduced SURFE2R Workstation is of particular interest for pharmaceutical drug discovery, enabling efficient drug screening with the important target classes of ion transporters and channels.
For more information contact IonGate Biosciences www.iongate.de, mailto:info@iongate-biosciences.comor call +49 (0) 69/305-85400
Visit us at DDT Booth #513
Hamilton Co.
The Microlab is a compact and programmable 96-channel automated pipetting workstation ideally suited for performing serial dilutions and plate replication.  It is small enough to fit into a standard environmental hood yet flexible and powerful enough to reach out beyond the deck for integration to readers, washers, incubators, etc. for use in more sophisticated applications.
For more information, contact Hamilton Co. www.hamiltonrobotics.com, scott.eaton@hamiltoncompany.com or call 775-858-3000
Visit us at DDT Booth #834
Siemens Medical Solutions
Siemens' newest preclinical solution, Inveon, is a modular concept that offers complete flexibility, enabling PET, SPECT, and CT data acquisition, and provides the industry's highest PET resolution and sensitivity. Inveon's suite of research tools can help facilitate basic research, as well as the drug development process, empowering researchers to identify specific biological processes, monitor the efficacy of compounds, and measure the effects of disease progression over time.
For more information, contact Siemens www.medical.siemens.com or call 888-826-9702
Visit us at DDT Booth #612
KNIME Chemistry Extensions
Tripos (DE), Inc.
The Tripos Chemistry Extensions package introduces chemical-intelligence to the highly extensible KNIME platform, providing researchers with the functionality to manipulate, analyze, and visualize chemical data in an open-source workflow environment. Tripos provides support not only for the Tripos Chemistry Extensions package and the Tripos technologies embedded within, but also provides support options for the open-source KNIME platform itself.
For more information, contact Tripos www.tripos.com/knime, mailto:us@tripos.comor call 314-647-1099 or 800-323-2960
Visit us at DDT Booth #627
Hudson SOLO
Hudson Control Group
The Hudson SOLO is a low-cost, high-throughput single-channel pipettor able to perform DNA transformations, cherry picking, and other applications involving the transfer of liquid samples. Equipped with a broad dynamic volume range and the ability to handle reactions in a sterile environment, the SOLO can be loaded and operated manually, but is also compatible with robot loading systems from most manufactures, including the Hudson PlateCrane EX.
For more information, contact Hudson Control www.hudsoncontrol.com, President-pfarrelly@hudsoncontrol.com or call 973-376-8265
Visit us at DDT Booth #914
RNAdvance Tissue
Agencourt Bioscience, A Beckman Coulter company
The Agencourt RNAdvance Tissue extraction kit offers drug development researchers an automated walk-away solution for consistent recovery of high-quality total RNA in a multi-well format.  Utilizing patented SPRI technology on Beckman Coulter instrumentation, this system can extract total RNA from a wide variety of tissues for downstream applications, such as gene expression, without needing centrifugation or vacuum filtration.
For more information, contact Agencourt Biosciences www.agencourt.com, webinfo@agencourt.com or call 800-361-7780
Visit us at DDT Booth #621
Studio Enterprise
Pathway Studio Enterprise retrieves biological meaning from gene expression and other high-throughput dataand to build and analyze pathways. Powerful methods for microarray data analysis include Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) with an ability to build custom ontologies. MedScan module allows to process the literature and create custom databases.
For more information, contact Ariadnet www.ariadnegenomics.com/products/pathway-studio/pathway-studio-family/, natal@ariadnegenomics.com or call 240-453-6296 x111
Visit us at DDT Booth #708
ZeptoMARK Reverse-Phase Protein Arrays for Urine
Zeptosens—a Division of Bayer (Schweiz) AG
The ZeptoMARK reverse array is a system to quantitatively measure drug on- and off-target effects in cells and to evaluate biomarker candidates and drug effects in tissues. The innovative reverse-phase arrays have been expanded to evaluate and determine biomarkers in urine. See us at booth # 946 and learn how you can profit from Zeptosens technology and services.
For more information, contact Zeptosens www.zeptosens.com, markus.tobler@zeptosens.com or  call +41 61 726 81 81
Visit us at DDT Booth #946
CytoTox-Glo Cytotoxicity Assay
Promega Corp.
The CytoTox-Glo Cytotoxicity Assay is a single-reagent addition, homogeneous, luminescent assay that measures the number of dead cells in cell populations. The assay, which measures a distinct protease substrate from cells that have lost their membrane integrity, exhibits excellent correlation with other methods of assessing cell viability. CytoTox-Glo Cytotoxicity Assay is ideal for high-throughput screening applications.
For more information, contact Promega www.promega.com or call 608-298-4878 orr 608-695-9501
Visit us at DDT Booth #424
The Maybridge Ro3 Fragment Library
Thermo Fisher Scientific
The Maybridge Ro3 Fragment Library is specifically designed and computationally clustered to provide a rich source of optimizable hits for your fragment screening programs.  Rigorous pre-filtering and application of standard Daylight fingerprint algorithms has resulted in a library of 1,000 desirable fragments of quantifiable structural diversity and complete Rule of Three compliance.  This offering provides a convenient and cost effective source of pre-selected high quality fragments, weighed and packed to your specific requirements.
For more information, contact Maybridge www.maybridge.com or call 781-321 4139
Visit us at DDT Booth #835
CombiFlash Rf Flash Chromatography System
Teledyne Isco
CombiFlash Rf from Teledyne Isco purifies samples from 4 mg through 35 g, with programmable selection from 4 solvents for quick changeover between normal- and reversed-phase separations. Method automation via RFID (radio frequency identification) reduces setup time and errors. Space-saving design uses the least bench/hood space of any automated flash chromatography system. Solvent delivery to 200 PSI allows for greater flexibility in solvent choice.
For more information, contact Teledyne Isco www.isco.com/rf or call 402.464.0231
Visit us at DDT Booth #611
Transcreener PDE Assay
BellBrook Labs
The Transcreener UGT far red-assay is a fluorescence polarization immunoassay that detects UDP, the common reaction product formed during the transfer of a sugar moiety from the donor (UDP-sugar) to an acceptor substrate. The far-red format demonstrates utility in both purified and human liver microsome environments, provides greater sensitivity for enhanced mP shifts, and minimizes compound fluorescence interference issues.  BellBrook Labs offers an expanding drug discovery product line that currently includes assays for the detection of ADP, AMP, GMP, and UGT.
For more information, contact BellBrook Labs www.bellbrooklabs.com or call 866-313-7881
Visit us at DDT Booth #820
Omni Prep Multi-Sample Homogenizer
Omni International Inc.
The programmable Omni Prep is designed to homogenize six samples per cycle and up to 250 samples per hour. Operation with disposable Omni Tip probes eliminates cross-contamination and cleaning. The unique Omni Prep utilizes brushless motor technology for extremely quiet operation and long motor life. Features include a removable clear door and positive airflow that can be exhausted to a HEPA-filter or fume hood.
For more information, contact Omni International www.omni-inc.com, omni@omni-inc.com or call 800-776-4431
Visit us at DDT Booth #343
TissueMine is a Web-based digital pathology solution that automates studies of tissue samples for research and development. It is an affordable, effective, complete solution for acquisition, analysis, management, reporting and sharing of tissue images. It includes the iScan—160 slide capacity scanner with 20x and 40x resolution. TissueMine includes comprehensive algorithms for rapid image analysis of tissue microarrays (TMA) and whole-tissue slides.
For more information, contact BioImagene www.bioimagene.com or call 408-207-4262
Visit us at DDT Booth #910
BioStation CT
Nikon Instruments Inc.
Introducing our newest technology; the BioStation CT is an integrated tissue culture incubator, microscope and digital image acquisition system designed for live cell tracking.  It provides a system for managing, observing, and documenting cultured cells in a secure and optimized environment.  Easy to use, it provides outstanding phase contrast and three channel fluorescence imaging from 2X to 40X magnifications.
For more information, contact Nikon Instruments www.nikoninstruments.com or call 631-547-8501
Visit us at DDT Booth #636
Human Genome-Wide SPLICEARRAY
ExonHit Therapeutics Inc.
The Human Genome-Wide SPLICEARRAY monitors over 23,000 human genes covering over 130,000 expressed transcripts and requires over 6 million probes. This new design, manufactured on the Affymetrix platform, provides researchers the opportunity to obtain gene expression results on a single microarray by interrogating both exons and splice junctions.
For more information, contact ExonHit Therapeutics www.exonhit.com, SpliceArray@exonhit-usa.com or call 888-811-7070 or 240-404-0333
Visit us at DDT Booth #944

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