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ChromoTek licenses Chromobody technology for high-content drug profiling to Bayer
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MARTINSRIED, GermanyŚChromoTek GmbH  has announced the signing of a license agreement granting Bayer Pharma AG the right to use ChromoTek's proprietary Cell Cycle Chromobody technology for drug profiling by high-content analysis.  
Under the terms of the agreement, Bayer will apply Chromobody technology for real-time monitoring of cell cycle progression in drug discovery. This agreement follows a collaboration in which ChromoTek provided custom cell line development for Bayer.  
Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.  
ChromoTek's Chromobody technology is a patented, universal live-cell imaging technology for high-content analysis. The so-called Chromobodies are single-domain antibodies that have been genetically fused to fluorescent proteins to serve as functional nanoprobes in living cells. According to ChromoTek, the Chromobody technology allows users "for the first time to trace endogenous intracellular antigens and to visualize dynamic changes of these targets within living cells."
Currently available Chromobodies trace important cellular processes like cell cycle, apoptosis, DNA damage and repair, or even allow cytoskeletal analysis. The Cell Cycle Chromobody cell line that has been licensed by Bayer traces the complete cell cycle in real-time in live cells "in a non-invasive manner while providing full flexibility to multiplex with other procedures," ChromoTek indicates, with ChromoTek's head of R&D, Dr. Kourosh Zolghadr, adding, "We are pleased to offer our customers efficient tools for achieving more detailed and physiologically relevant information on the effects of drug candidates on cell cycle progression."  
Established in 2008 as a spin-off from Munich's Ludwig Maximilian University and located in Martinsried, which is Germany's leading biotech hubr, ChromoTek develops and markets Chromobody-based live-cell assays for drug screening and target validation. Other products include immunological and bioimaging reagents, such as the GFP-Trap for the rapid pull-down of GFP fusion proteins, GFP and RFP Booster to amplify fluorescence signals of GFP or RFP fusion proteins. ChromoTek's newly developed fluorescence-based protein-protein interaction assay called Fluorescent-2-Hybrid (F2H) is available as a development service.  
SOURCE: ChromoTek news release
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