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A broader protein vision
September 2008
by Chris Anderson  |  Email the author


MILFORD, Mass.Waters Corp. and Portland, Ore.-based Proteome Software Inc. recently announced a collaboration aimed at providing compatibility between Waters' IdentityE High Definition proteomics system and Proteome's Scaffold 2.1 visualization software. The intent of the collaboration is to allow researchers to make better use of the very rich and complex data sets generated from Waters' proprietary MC-MSE technology through more accurate protein identifications.

"What has plagued this field and LC/MS are reliable, reproducible techniques and the algorithms to identify the proteins in a complex biological mixture," says James Langride, Ph.D., proteomics business director with Waters. "The ability of Scaffold to visualize our IdentityE results will allow scientists to maximize the information from our proprietary LC-MSE technology."

According to Mark Turner, president and co-founder of Proteome Software, working with Waters provides his company with an opportunity to extend the value of Scaffold 2.1, while also pushing the envelope a bit as it works with the richer and deeper data sets provided by IndentityE.

"I really can't emphasize enough the revolutionary nature of the way Waters is running their mass spec," Turner notes. "It is a different method and it requires the use of IdentityE for the data it generates. They thought there would be some kind of advantage to be able to visualize their data using our software."

With the Waters deal, Proteome Software has some work ahead of it since the data produced by the Waters instruments and collected by IdentityE is atypical of other mass spec data sets. As a result, the integration of the two systems should take some time and both companies are targeting a late fourth quarter roll-out. DDN
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