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Tripos, InforSense announce informatics pact
January 2006
by Chris Anderson  |  Email the author


ST. LOUIS—Tripos Inc. and InforSense recently announced an alliance whereby Tripos' discovery informatics tools and software portfolio will be intergrated with the InforSense KDE workflow-based integrative informatics platform. The alliance continues both companies' work to provide drug discovery researchers with a streamlined approach to integrating data sets from disparate tools and software via a single workflow tool. In conjunction with the alliance, Tripos joins InforSense's Open Workflow Partner Network (OWPN) while InforSense joins the Tripos alliance program as a software partner.
"If you look at how some of our customers are conducting their research, you will find that they are tying together five, six, seven plus different applications from bioinformatics lead identification right through to screening and ADME-Tox," says Joseph F. Donahue, chief business officer of InforSense. "Working with Tripos and others in our OWPN makes it easy for our customers to integrate their applications, tools and databases into an integrative analytics environment which allows them to make better decisions faster."
For Tripos the objective is the same: to provide users with a wider range of options as the company continues to re-make itself from a provider of stand-alone tools and cheminformatics software to an enterprise-wide discovery informatics company.
As part of the agreement, the two companies will also integrate Tripos' AUSPYX, SYBYL and UNITY technologies with both InforSense KD and its "In-Oracle" enterprise analytics environment for InforSense IOE.
The relationship between the two companies came together based both on the shared business strategy of pushing open architecture and easy data integration to improve drug discovery research, as well as a large shared customer base. "Quite simply this is what our customers are demanding," says Bryan Koontz, senior VP and general manager of discovery informatics at Tripos. "In many cases our customers have been ahead of us in trying to find ways to integrate our data with other data in their discovery efforts."
The relationship was further spurred by Bayer Healthcare, a customer of both companies which provided Tripos and InforSense information from within a working discovery operation on how to best integrate Tripos's data with InforSense's workflow tool. "Having that kind of customer input is very helpful as it helps us focus our efforts on what it is they need and how to best deliver that within their work environment," says Donahue.
That feeling is shared by Davin Potts, product manager for operational informatics and platform technologies at Tripos. He likens the work to integrate data sets with InforSense to working with Lego building blocks. "If we define those functional pieces as LEGO blocks, our customers can make all sorts of different things with those individual blocks," Potts says. "The benefit for us is in learning how our customers are putting these things together in ways we might not have thought of before and that can help us develop better tools to meet these needs in the future."
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