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Agendia licenses the Rosetta Resolver system
November 2005

AMSTERDAM—Rosetta Biosoftware and Agendia announced in October that the two organizations will work together to deliver novel diagnostics tools that will be made available in the Rosetta Resolver system for gene expression data analysis. In order to enable this coordinated effort, Agendia licensed the Resolver system from Rosetta Biosoftware.
"As we are now approaching 10,000 microarray hybridizations associated with extensive clinical data, the Rosetta Resolver system is probably the only software product that can deal with the kind of analyses performed at our facilities. We are confident the Resolver system will significantly enhance our gene expression analysis-based diagnostic services," says Dr. Laura van't Veer, chief operating officer of Agendia. "Our objective is to use the Resolver system to develop and explore gene expression profiles in support of our clients' expanding clinical research programs. In addition, we would also like to incorporate Agendia's own diagnostics workflow into the system."
"The Resolver system's ability to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance greatly assured us that it is our product of choice for a fully integrated diagnostics and research platform for gene expression data," adds Dr. René Bernards, chief scientific officer of Agendia and project consultant.
"Rosetta Biosoftware and Agendia will enable interoperability between the Resolver system and Agendia's clinical and gene expression database to support Agendia's research and development of diagnostic products and services," says Yelena Shevelenko, vice president and general manager of Rosetta Biosoftware. "Agendia's unparalleled expertise in the cancer diagnostics field adds significant value to our current and future business and research directions."
The Rosetta Resolver system is developed and supported by Rosetta Biosoftware and is distributed exclusively by Agilent Technologies.



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