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Invitrogen to sell Nonlinear software
October 2005
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NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE, England—In a move that continues to widen its base of proteomic offerings, Invitrogen Corp. announced that it will distribute a range of advance analysis software solutions from Nonlinear Dynamics, based here. The deal involves a broad selection of Nonlinear products including those for the detailed analysis of 1D and 2D electrophoresis gels.
"We saw Invitrogen as the perfect partner, given their customer base, for our desktop research products," says John Spreadbury, group sales and marketing director of Nonlinear Dynamics.
Nonlinear will provide Invitrogen with software from its Progenesis and TotalLab lines, which will be marketed alongside Invitrogen's proteomic solutions. And the companies will work together in the future to provide a broader portfolio of products in this area.
"As our customers' needs grow and evolve, the web of partnership becomes even more crucial for success. By working closely with our customers, we identified this important step in the 1D and 2D workflows where we could bolster our offerin," says Amy Butler, business area manager for proteomics from Invitrogen. "Nonlinear represents the perfect partner to fill this gap, with well-respected and well-established products into which they maintain high levels of ongoing investment. These not only offer us greater breadth in our product offering, but will also further enhance our existing products through effective integration."
The initial agreement is for North America only with a three-year term that can be renewed on an ongoing basis, according to Spreadbury. Nonlinear derives roughly two-thirds of its total sales from the North American market and recently established its subsidiary Nonlinear USA Inc. to further strengthen its position here. It counts a total full-time employee base in the United States of ten, so partnering deals with companies such as Invitrogen with a larger sales staff, is important to help Nonlinear assist in the promotion and sales of its products.
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