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Inside this issue:
In NASH, researchers battle a largely invisible threat, and in this feature you will get a look into how they are trying to overcome the challenges of that...
by Randall C Willis
Researchers have developed a way to 3D print vascularized, living skin...
by Mel J. Yeates
The companies hope to develop flexible new instrument-free diagnostics...
by Kelsey Kaustinen
Gotham Therapeutics establishes advanced oncology profiling cascade with ProQinase...
by DDNews Staff
Focus Feature on Cancer Research News
Oncology: Stem to Stern
A look at gastroesophageal, gastric and colorectal cancer progress, as well as other recent news of oncology research breakthroughs. To read it, click here.

Focus Feature on CRISPR Gene Editing
What’s new with CRISPR?
A roundup of recent news and breakthroughs with the gene-editing technology. To read it, click here.

Patent Docs: Sovereign immunity not absolute for states under the Eleventh Amendment
Kevin Noonan discusses a case in which the University of Texas sued Boston Scientific for patent infringement related to implantable drug-releasing biodegradable fibers. To read it, click here.

Special Report on Cell Biology: Making bioprogress
Expanding bioprocess analytics to ensure quality. To read it, click here.

Editor's Focus:
Drug prices may be too expensive, but some of the answers being touted might not be the best ones, says DDNews columnist Peter Kissinger, who shares some of his thoughts of the pros and cons of various notions.. [ more ]
by Peter T. Kissinger

The publishers of DDNews give you a look at special features in store for the coming calendar year.. [ more ]
by Bruce Poorman & Laurence Doyle

November 2019
The very fact that we define results as positive or negative highlights our reluctance to accept change, that the story we have built in our heads may not fully reflect our reality.. [ more ]
by Randall C Willis

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