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SIRS-Lab acquires rights to OGT biochip techology: Products to be shipped throughout Europe
May 2005

JENA, Germany—The biotech company SIRS-Lab and the Oxford Gene Technology IP Ltd. (OGT) have agreed on the licensing of OGT's technology for nucleotidebased biochips. The contract, signed in January, enables SIRSLab to produce biochips using the patented technology and to distribute these products and related services throughout Europe.
British scientist Sir Edwin Southern, considered one of the inventors of DNA microarrays, founded OGT in 1995 to commercialise this technology.
"In addition to our high-grade quality assurance, the use of nucleotide chips combines several advantages which we would like to provide our customers", explained Dr. Stefan Russwurm, chief executive officer and founder of SIRSLab.  "Compared to cDNA probes, nucleotides can be systematically optimised and synthesized. Thus, product development can be adapted to customer needs in a more flexible fashion."
The license allows SIRS to offer its products using the latest state of the art, added Russwurm. Additionally, obtaining the patent rights will further strengthen the existing Lab-Arraytor product line as well as the rapid expansion of the product portfolio for new applications. SIRS LAB GmbH is a privately held Jena-based biotechnological company that specializes in the development and production of biochip systems related to inflammatory diseases.
The company's aim is to provide new diagnostic systems for early diagnosis and therapy control of generalized inflammatory reactions and sepsis and offer services in genomics and proteomics, as well as an application and training center for microarray analysis.
OGT is best known for its powerful microarray technology and holds fundamental patents in a number of other areas, the common link being that all relate to 'molecular tools' that can be used to boost the power of biological research.



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