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Chemicon Int値 expands: Agreement for Embryonic Stem (ES) Cell Research reached
May 2005

ATLANTA Chemicon International Inc., a subsidiary of Serologicals Corp., has expanded its exclusive worldwide agreement with Amrad Corp Ltd and The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI) of Medical Research. The new agreement provides Chemicon additional rights to further develop its proprietary embryonic stem cell products, Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF) and ESGRO into additional kits and combination products. This agreement provides an important expansion of the initial license agreement covering LIF patent rights signed by Chemicon, Amrad and WEHI in 1999 to include additional fields of use in non-therapeutic fields.
The new license affirms Chemicon's exclusive rights to develop, manufacture, sublicense and distribute LIF and LIF-based products in the research market worldwide and expands the company's ability to develop, manufacture and commercialize diagnostic products. The license also gives Chemicon access to patents and applications that cover LIF production and uses in various biotechnology applications.
Through this agreement, Chemicon expands its rights to access Amrad's LIF and embryonic stem cell intellectual property portfolio, which now totals 45 granted and seven pending patents for both LIF and ESGRO applications. Amrad has retained all other rights under the LIF patents and patent applications for therapeutic applications and associated research activities.
Chemicon is the exclusive manufacturer of recombinant murine and human LIF and LIFbased stem cell culture supplements, such as ESGRO for diagnostic and research applications. LIF products are widely used as tools for the in vitro development, maintenance, and expansion of different stem cell types, including embryonic, neural, and hematopoietic stem cells. Long-term maintenance of mouse and, in many cases, human embryonic stem cells requires specialized media containing recombinant LIF or ESGRO.
"The new license is an extension of our strong and successful long-term collaboration with Amrad and WEHI in the development, manufacture and commercialization of recombinant LIF and its improved formulations in non-therapeutic fields," said Chemicon President Jeffrey Linton.
Added Amrad CEO Pete Smith: "This agreement is further testament to Amrad's continued strategy of focusing on its core capabilities associated with developing therapeutic products that modulate cytokine activity, and out-licensing non-core technologies to partners with the greatest ability to realize their maximum potential.



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