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Applied Bio offers service bundle
May 2005
by Lisa Espenchade  | 


FOSTER CITY, Calif. – Applied Biosystems in mid-March introduced a new plan, the Advanced Gene Expression Service Provider Program (AGESPP), to sell varying combinations of instrumentation, supplies, services, and marketing support in custom-made bundles at discounted prices. The company initially plans to target core facilities and for-profit service providers, says Dr. Angelique Habis, associate manager, Expression Array System.
The program's goal, says Habis, is "nationally penetrating the academic or basic scientific research market" and increasing availability of Applied Bio's technology to small- and medium-sized biotechnology companies as well as researchers affiliated with hospitals. Habis acknowledged that the company entered the gene expression market late, but said the company hopes AGESPP will open doors to customers interested in completing gene expression systems or offering broader arrays of gene expression services to clients who are not likely to purchase large capital equipment.
Carl Hull, vice president and general manager of real-time PCR systems and microarrays at Applied Biosystems, said the company is publicizing the program through "a banner for the AGESPP [that] rotates on the homepage of the AB web site. Additionally, information about the program is listed on the Expression Array System marketing page." He said the company has a policy of not releasing sales forecast information.
Because every service provider has "specific requirements that separate them from other types of customers," Habis says Applied Bio will work with clients to help them determine custom combinations of items—from capital equipment to consumables—that best complete customers' existing gene expression offerings. "We don't require a fee to get involved in the core facility or service provider program," says Habis, and bundling will decrease costs while increasing ROI and cost-effectiveness for service providers.
Applied Bi also provides technical support with installation and data analysis, and customers will have access to database information on gene expression. The Applied Biosystems Expression Array System incorporates data from both the public and Celera Genomics efforts to sequence the human genome. The Celera Genomics Group is Applied Biosystems' sister company in the Applera Corp.
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