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Here's to more survivors
(Photo credit: National Cancer Institute)
Recent reports from cancer advocacy and research organizations detail an increase in cancer survivors, with incidence and mortality rates dropping in recent years
Scientists develop drug-resistant cell line for lymphoma to better model disease development and drug reactions
Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH and Celgene Corporation have begun a strategic collaboration and option agreement for the development of novel adoptive cell therapies against multiple cancers
Crescendo to collaborate with University of Oxford and University of Surrey
A partnership is moving forward between Genisphere LLC and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center for the study and development of unique strategies for treating pancreatic cancer
Pressure BioSciences’ PCT platform lauded for its ability to process cancer biopsy samples
ArcherDX Inc. and Ayala Pharmaceuticals will work together to develop companion diagnostic tests for cancers with Notch activating mutations and fusions
Diagnostics detect cancer in dense breasts
Researchers identify immune biomarker showing which HCC patients would benefit most from sorafenib
Glioblastoma remains a difficult cancer to treat, but the brain malignancy is seeing increasing attention in R&D
by Martin Lachs/Brandon Fletcher
As excitement and investment related to adoptive cell transfer products increases, there are concerns and issues that need to be addressed in terms of long-term follow-up trials

by Sue Cramp, Charles River
In pursuit of new options for treating childhood cancers, a new approach to drug discovery and development may be an answer

by Andrea Toell of Lonza
Andrea Toell of Lonza shares how CAR T cells are transforming immuno-oncology

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